Yanzhi Li

Department of Management Sciences 

City University of Hong Kong

Tel:       3442-7253

Email:   yanzhili@cityu.edu.hk




Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering and Logistics Management, 2006, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology 

B.S. in Computer Science, 2002, Tsinghua University, China









Low carbon operations and supply chain management

Saif Benjaafar, Yanzhi Li, Mark Daskin. Carbon Footprint and the Management of Supply Chains, IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering, 10(1): 99-116, 2013

Yimin Yu and Yanzhi Li. Optimal Fuel Replenishment and Power Generations Policies of Carbon-constrained Power Plants, in revision, 2013.


Management of perishable inventory; Inventory control

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 Tax-effective supply chain design

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Yanzhi Li, Andrew Lim and Brian Rodrigues. Global Sourcing Using Local Content Tariff Rules. IIE Transactions, 39(5): 425-437, 2007 (Highlighted in the "Industrial Engineer" magazine).


Air cargo operations management

Yanzhi Li, Yi Tao and Fan Wang. A Compromised Large-scale Neighborhood Search Heuristic for Capacitated Air Cargo Loading Planning. European Journal of Operational Research, 199(2): 553-560, 2009.

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Planning and scheduling; Discrete optimization; Heuristics

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Lot-sizing test cases