Dr. Kui-Wai Li specializes in the areas of political economy, financial and economic development, and industry and trade. He is the advocate of the Economism paradigm and his research focuses on China and other Asian economies. His refereed articles have appeared in journals published in U.S.A., UK, Italy, Japan and Korea, and has contributed chapters to various research and edited books. He is the author of Financial Repression and Economic Reform in China (Praeger, 1994),Capitalist Development and Economism in East Asia: the Rise of Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea (Routledge, 2002), The Hong Kong Economy: Recovery and Restructuring (McGraw Hill 2006), Economic Freedom: Lessons of Hong Kong (World Scientific, forthcoming), and edited Financing China Trade and Investment (Praeger, 1997). Dr. Li has worked as a consultant to international institutions, foreign governments and business, and has regularly been interviewed by local and foreign press, radio and television on Hong Kong, Mainland China and foreign issues. He served as the Visiting Fellow at the Economic Growth Center, Yale University, and attended an executive program at Harvard University in 2000 and 2001, respectively. He is a Visiting Scholar at the University of Geneva in 2010.

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